How to create MindSphere Artifacts from JSON Schema definitions

MindSphere Fleet-Manager 3D Visualization Plugin
Servomotor data for the Robot
Sensor data for the robot
Sensor Data JSON Schema

Creating MindSphere Assets from JSON Schema

npm install @mindconnect/mindconnect-nodejs -g
mc aspects --mode convert --schema schemas/servodata.schema.json --aspect RobotServoData
mc aspects --mode convert --schema schemas/sensordata.schema.json --aspect RobotSensorData
using CLI to convert JSON Schema to MindSphere Aspect format
MindSphere RobotSensorData aspect
mc aspects --mode create --file RobotSensorData.aspect.mdsp.json
mc aspects --mode create --file RobotServoData.aspect.mdsp.json
The Aspect in MindSphere containing the servomotor variables
mc asset-types --mode template --assettype JoyItRobot
MindSphere Asset Type Template
mc asset-types --mode create --file JoyItRobot.assettype.mdsp.json
Asset Type JoyItRobot in MindSphere
mc assets --mode create --typeid castidev.JoyItRobot --assetname JoyItRobot_1 
JoyItRobot_1 Asset Instance
Node-RED Flow for the Robot
Data in Fleet Manager

Bonus: generating data point ids from raw data

mc configure-agent --mode func --agentid 6178e1c165944c3ea6d8278282f7886a
mc configure-agent --mode template --typeid castidev.JoyItRobot \
--language python # other supported languages are js or json



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